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This is the second level of the canpaign in which Arkancos must get the tridant back from Kamos. You land on a small Island, towards the south west while Kamos' base is in the middle of the map. To the south of your base are lots of pigs, as well as to the North. To the North is a Shipwreak which if you comer within line of site of it you get some Gold and Wood. (You get less on Hard and Titan). Once you have advanced to the classical age you recive the location of Kamos' base. Build up an army (You still can't build stables), and attack Kamos' base. Once you have destroyed the Town Centre Kamos and 2 Anrinites (On easy), kill the myth units, and then schase Kamos up the cliff, once you have cornered him and started to attack him you gain Victory. In the video after you see Arkancos pushing Kamos towards the edge of the cliff, Kamos thejn jumps off the cliff and onto his water transportation myth unit, but only after telling Arkancos that his head will rain from Kamos' mask.

Level DifferencesEdit


  • Kamos has no Towers and fewer Anubites
  • Start with Copper Shields researched


  • Kamos has Towers compared to Easy. Kamos does not have as many units and the shipwreak has more resouses


  • Kamos has more units.
  • Less resources of shipwreck


  • Kamos has even more units
  • Kamos has more towers, including a tower on the cliff above your gold pile
  • Start with one gold pile instead of two, less pigs near town
  • Kamos invokes Plague of Serpents in the sea outside your starting position at the start of the game


  1. Send your scout to the North of your base until you find a Shipwreak, and then you will get some Wood and Gold
  2. If on Titan you should destroy the tower above the Gold Mines
  3. Worship Ares
  4. Don't build Boats as Kamos will just send ships to kill them and on titan he involkes Plague of Serpants god power outside your house.


  • It is the only 2nd level to have you against the egyptions.
  • t is the first time Kamos is seen

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3. Scratching the Surface

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