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This is the first level in the Fall of the Tridant canpaign. It is a bit like a tutoial with Ateana giving you advise, and you also start with a big base. The focus of this mission is to stop the invading pirtes, who will atack you continously through-out the level. After you have defeated them about 7 times, then they will attack in fall force, it is at this point that you recive the atlantian army who will help you destroy the enemy and save Atlantis. the level ends with the pirates sailing away with the tridant of Possidan. Akancos then leaves to help with the Trojan War and get the Tridant back from Kamos

Level DifferencesEdit


  • Start with more toxotes.
  • Start with more resources.


  • Medium has more towers and less enemy upgrades than Hard, but less Toxotes and resouses than on easy.


  • No shoreline towers
  • Pirates' units have more upgrades


  • Start with fewer units
  • Start with fewer resources
  • No towers at all
  • Pirates' units have yet more upgrades
  • Pirates cast Lightning Storm before final attack


  1. Lots of Archers, for fighting the Krakens
  2. More Villagers to gather rescouses around the island
  3. Not many Hoplites because of the way the Kracen can just pick them up and then throw them across the beach
  4. Keep the Prodroplis safe, they are important


  • It's the only first level out of the 4 canpaigns (Including the Tutorial), to have you on the 2nd age.
  • This is the only level which is a first level that you are against egyptions

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