Scarching the Surface

The Whole Scracting the Surface Map



In this Mission Arcantos finnaly makes it to troy and is just in time to have renforce Greek Defences. You begin with 5 Hoplites and 5 Hyptsit and must migrate south east to find a TC. Once down there you will have to advance to the Classical age, (Hint: there is another TC to the South east(Warning: It is guarded by totxes)). Once you advance once the Trojans will begin toi attack you and a trimeme will appear outside of your base and starting positoins and start shooting at everything. This is when your objective comes in, you must destroy the 2 Trojan docks that are on either side of the map. When you destroy one, Agmenmon will land with his army which will have enough force to take out the other shipyard, if your are on Medium or easy. The other diffulcultes have upgraded Collous.

Level DifferencesEdit


  • Troy has fewer starting units
  • Fewer towers defending Trojan base (7)
  • No towers defending Trojan Docks (6)
  • Start with Heavy Infantry researched


  • Medium has more good towers and less enemy upgrades than Hard, but the trojans have more units than on easy


  • Troy has more starting units
  • No towers at starting settlement
  • Troy has the Boiling Oil and Hand of Talos technologies (Silver Collous)


  • Troy has yet more starting units
  • More Towers defending Trojan Base (7) and Docks (6)
  • Two Towers defending the unclaimed settlement (4)
  • No goats, no gold pile near starting settlement
  • Troy has the Shoulder of Talos technology (Gold Collous)


  1. Go for the Trojan dock on the right because it is the easiest to destroy
  2. Capture the second seltment as soon as you can
  3. Capture the selttlement in the Trojan dock you destroy to make sure you have a back up bas
  4. Build walls, towers and fortrasses as fast as you can
  5. Don't build a dock, it will just be destroyed and become a waste of your resouses(You might get away witth it on Easy though)
  6. Have Archers ready to destroy the Trimeme that appear
  7. Build Towers along the beach to defend against ships
  8. Have all units set to Defencive status so that they don't go off chasing the enemy scouts
  9. Keep an eye on the woods because you could make a way into your base for your enemies
  10. Slowly expand the walls if you can to include more woods and gold mines
  11. Build Towers around your base for extra potection for when the enemy gets in
  12. Upgrade all walls, Towers and anything that will increase the strength of your Towers, Walls, Buildings and Units.



4. A Fine Plan

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